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Please think of the environment:

  • Flying, sometimes you can't avoid it during your trip. It is fast and often (too) cheap. But public transport is top-notch in most places, so consider your climate footprint and choose alternatives as much as possible. These magical places are what we do it for, nature at its best.

  • Unfortunately, many destinations are often polluted by plastic. Often due to the ignorance of the local population. Do your part by properly disposing of your own waste and remove plastic from the sea where necessary. Nature thanks you.

  • Plastic use: In Asia and other parts of the world it is unfortunately still very common to give a plastic bag with every small purchase. And to give a plastic straw with every can. This causes a lot of pollution in nature and the ocean. Don't participate in this, just bring your own reusable bag. Please do your part for a cleaner nature.

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