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Before departure:

  • Arrange a credit card. This greatly facilitates the journey when booking flights or hotels.

  • If you travel with a backpack, purchase a flight bag with a (TSA) lock, this way you can always close your backpack with contents.

  • If you are taking medication, bring a Pharmacist's statement as well as an English letter with a prescription from your doctor.

  • Bring enough mouth masks, as long as corona measures are in place.

  • Download a GPS application (eg MAPS.ME), and download the destination maps before arrival. In this way you can use a GPS navigation without internet, and getting lost is almost impossible.

  • Bring a phone holder to mount on scooters. This way you can always determine your route with the offline navigation.

  • Bring earplugs, some boats make a lot of noise (especially in the Philippines) because the exhaust is often missing.

  • Take your vaccination certificates with you, both printed and on your phone.

  • Some countries ask for additional information, such as in Thailand for the Thai pass and in South Korea for the K-ETA form. Please arrange this before arrival.

  • Look at the regulations regarding VISA for your destination, sometimes this can or must be arranged before departure.

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