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About us

Hi, we are René & Isabel, 

2 adventurous travelers who are currently traveling the world together to discover new cultures, new experiences and above all to make beautiful memories.

Both born and raised in the Netherlands, so real dutchies. We met in 2016 and soon our first trip together followed. Since Rene previously lost his heart in Asia during a solo world trip, the first continent of our joint journey was already set.

The first destination was Malaysia and Isabel also lost her heart to the warm culture and pleasant atmosphere. Later this trip rose to great heights when we reached the top of mount Kinabalu at 4095 meters. This highlight laid a solid foundation for our upcoming travels. And since we want to buy a house together in the future, we recently decided to live our common dream and take a long world trip while we are still young.

Many fellow travelers like to hear about our stories and tips, so we decided to bundle our experiences on a website. In this way we can help and support our fellow travelers where possible, so that they can also have the same great experiences as we are currently experiencing. In addition, we really enjoy capturing our experiences on camera, in this way the senses are most stimulated. There are handy tips and tricks, beautiful photos, and we also share our exciting travel stories on social media.

Hopefully they come in handy, enjoy your trip, and if you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask us. ;)

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