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Mount Bromo, A Magnificent Wonder of Nature.

Updated: Jul 28, 2022

There you are, just before sunrise with a view of Mount Bromo. This image seems to come straight out of a painting. Mount Bromo is the active volcano where you will also look into the crater later today, but the credit does not only go to Mount Bromo, this beautiful view consists of several volcanic mountains with Bromo in the center. To be honest, personally this is one of the best views we have ever seen.

Prepare for an early departure, but it's worth looking out for Bromo during sunrise. What you should also prepare for is that this is the highlight of Java, a lot of tourists is an understatement. Even now just after Covid, about 1000 jeeps went up the mountain to the viewpoint. But it's quite understandable why, because the views are breathtaking.

After the sun has risen you leave this beautiful viewpoint, the whole row of jeeps descends again from the viewpoint and drive back to the sandbanks around the volcano, shoot some instagram worthy photos and then continue to brave mount Bromo.Yes, now it's time to climb mount bromo in the heat of the day, but trust me it's all worth it.Only now is the true size of the crater becoming clear, this is huge. The crater growls as if a god lived in it, something that the many surrounding Hindus actually believe. Stunning views, an active volcano, and a huge crater, what more could you ask for?

Bromo Tengger Semeru National park covers a massive area of 800 square km in the center of East Java. We started the tour from Malang, this nice place offers a perfect starting point for the tour. The original plan was to visit Bromo from Probolinggo, but to be honest, this was very disappointing, hardly anyone speaks English and the city is actually not very clean.

We continued on to Malang where we had a wonderful time. In Malang we stayed in Condro Wulan Homestay, a lovely place in nature. Highlights were Vico and his family, they were very helpful and we felt right at home. Through Vico we booked the Bromo tour with his friends and their organization Papin Travelmate. The entire tour was very well organised.

So if you are in Java, you can't miss this natural wonder.

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