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Ko Phi Phi islands, the paradise from "the beach"

Updated: Jul 28, 2022

You will arrive at Ko Phi Phi Don, the big island, and it is certainly a paradise, but also a party paradise, so choose the spot of your hotel well according to your own preferences. If you come here for the party, find a place to stay around Loh Dalum Beach. If you prefer the peace and quiet on this paradise island, I recommend Long Beach, here you can fully relax. And also the best spot to spot the black tip reef shark while snorkeling, great!

Wherever you stay, this is a real bounty island from the books. Beautiful white sands, azure blue waters teeming with marine life, and huge rock formations. Explore the bay from the movie "the beach" and feel like "Leonardo DiCaprio" for a moment, only now surrounded by many tourists. Go diving in one of the beautiful surrounding waters where you can feast your eyes on. Relax on one of the beaches. Or get drunk with a bucket in your hand. Anyway, plenty of ways to fully enjoy yourself here and enjoy the paradise life.

Our favorite night out started in one of the many restaurants. From local to western, there's something for everyone here. Then on to the Reggae bar. The name is somewhat confusing as this place is best known for the Tai boxing games that are held there every night. Both professionals and drunk tourists compete here. The Thai boxers are very good, and the tourists... well at least they are very funny haha. After the competitions have come to an end, it is time for the beach in one of the many different beach bars, each with their own fire show. The night goes on here until the late hours, enjoy.

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