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Highlights of Daegu, South Korea.

Daegu has about 2.5 million inhabitants and is located fairly centrally in South Korea. Located between Jeonju and Gyeongju in it has a lot to offer for a nice stopover. We stayed here for 3 days, and our highlights are:

Hiking Mt. Apsan:

Apsan Park is located in the south of the city. The highlight here is Mount Apsan, which reaches about 653 meters. From here you have a very nice view over Daegu itself. Hiking here is beautiful with large rocks, rivers and a 360 degree view at the top.

There are several hiking routes available. We have put together a fun and challenging walk ourselves. With the google app it was very easy to navigate because the hiking trails are in it, and there are also many signposts. The views over the city are breathtaking, so for us this is the absolute highlight. Tip: don't drink as much Soju (ricewine) as we did the night before, this makes the trip challenging ;)

Apsan Cable Car:

We like to hike and have some stamina. But luckily for the less sporty people there is also the possibility to admire the beautiful views by taking a cable car to the top. Above are some nice platforms to enjoy the view, and it's a short and easy hike to the top of Mount Apsan. The price is 12,000 for a round trip, and 8,000 for a single trip. These prices are for adults.


E-World is the theme park that surrounds E-World 83 Tower. This tower is the most noticeable feature of the Daegu skyline. The park was constructed in 1993 as a comprehensive theme park, and was modeled in a European style. It features waterfalls, fountains, lighting, and flowers, as well as a plethora of amusement park rides, an exhibition hall, performance arenas, and restaurants. For the more adventurous visitors, Sky Jump is a thrilling 123m drop from the top of E-World 83 Tower, allowing panoramic views of the entire city. A One-Day pass costs 45.000 Won for adults and 35.000 Won for children.

Daryu Park:

We love the city, but it is always nice to retreat to nature. A mountain hike is fantastic, but closer to the city there is also a huge park. It's beautiful here and big enough to entertain you for half a day. Especially with the changing seasons a place to enjoy the beauty and tranquility all year round.

At the front of the park is a huge lake with a wooden decking path around it. Behind it are the swimming pool and the Daegu Arts Center. Behind this center is the largest part of the park. A large hill with forest paths around it provides many hiking opportunities, and quiet places to relax. The highest point of the park is 139 meters high, so you have beautiful views of the city from here.

Seomun Market:

This is Daegu's largest street market and offers a great opportunity to get a taste of Daegu's city life. There are more than 4,000 stalls, mostly specialized in textiles, such as linen, fabric, and clothes. and many food stalls such as vegetables and fruits.

We went in the evening, mainly for the food trucks. It was fairly quiet, but the food was oh so delicious.

From sushi to delicious noodles and even Pad Thai. There are also nice seating areas and there is a supermarket for alcoholic refreshments. Weekends are busier, but whenever you go to Daegu, don't miss this market :)

Shopping district:

Dongseong-ro Street is the busiest street in the downtown of the city, packed with all kinds of stores, restaurants, cafes, bars, cinemas, and bookstores. This main street is surrounded by many other shopping streets and alleys. Very nice for a day of shopping. Especially because the shops are close to each other. There are many nice Korean shops to see, such as selfie stores and karaoke bars.

Personally we really liked Spark, an 8-story theme park and shopping mall. Dongseongno Spark is the new hot spot in Daegu's busiest neighborhood. It contains nice shops and restaurants, but also an indoor roller skate track and survival course. On top of the roof is even a mini amusement park with a 25-story-high Ferris wheel. We enjoyed our visit immensely. And it's free, you only have to pay for the attractions. Prices approximately 5000 per ride.

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