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Georgetown, the culinary city of Malaysia.

Updated: Jul 28, 2022

Discover the art and food in George Town

Georgetown, the capital of the island Penang, is named after the British King George III. George town is really a must to go and a lot to see. The city is located at the northeast side of the island and has, suburbs included, about 550.000 inhabitants. After Penang was handed over by the sultan of Kedah to the English, Sir Francis Light founded the city Georgetown.

Georgetown is built in quarters. There is the Chinese quarter (Chinatown) and also a colorful quarter called Little India. One of the nice activities on Penang is a day trip through Georgetown. You can do this walking or by tuk tuk, but you can also visit all sights by taxi, scooter or bike.

Discover George Towns murals and art

George Town is known for its beautiful murals and art, and it is great fun that you come across the most beautiful paintings in the most unexpected places. You can ask for a map in your hotel and discover it by yourself. It is a nice walk where you walk along a lot of nice streets. You can also rent a scooter or bike. When you walk through the streets of George Town, you immediately have a good idea of the city. You must have seen and done this.

Food in George Town

The food is really good in George Town! To save money, we recommend going to the foodcourts. There are about 3 good foodcourts which we recommend, Red Garden food paradise, New World Park Food City, and the Jetty foodcourt. They offer amazing and cheap food and a good atmosphere. You can order everything here and sit comfortably. Often there is live music and you can get cheap alcohol if you want. We recommend taking Kacang/ABD ice for dessert. This is a typical Malaysian dessert. It looks a little crazy, but tastes surprisingly good!

How to get in George Town:

We took the train from Kuala Lumpur to Butterworth. Here we took the ferry to George Town. The Ferry runs almost every hour or half hour and was very cheap (about €2 per person) when we arrived we ordered a Grab Taxi to the hotel. Good to know: When you leave George Town again, the ferry is free.

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