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Dhulikhel, an ancient City nearby Kathmandu

Dhulikhel city:

Dhulikhel is famous among travellers due to its location as you can observe the high & outstanding Himalaya from this place. Located in the Kavrepalanchok District of Nepal, Dhulikhel is only around 30 km away from Kathmandu. Travelling to Dhulikhel you will have a great opportunity to witness the stunning panorama, get a closer look into the daily life of native communities like the Newars, Brahmins and Chhetris to gain an insightful view into the cultural value of this destination.

Dhulikhel has an old and historic city core, with a lot of history, temples and time seems to have once stood here. However, we advise you to stay in a hotel uphill east of the city. Here you have a 360 degree panoramic view over the valley and the Himalayan mountain range. And yet within walking distance of the old town. We stayed at Tashidelek Guest Lodge & House. The view is amazing and the family very warm and helpful. So really recommended.


The area is ideally suited for a nice hike. The panoramic views are amazingly beautiful. Farm life is clearly visible everywhere. And the people are even friendlier than in the other destinations. So if you want to take in the beauty of the surroundings, map out a nice walk or hiking route.

We went out ourselves to Namobuddha, a huge Buddhist monastery on a mountain. We walked in a nice round route and it was a very varied hike. At 25km it was a long journey, but the beauty was all worth it. Namobuddha also had a lot to offer, so we'll explain that in another blog.

Viewpoint on the mountain:

The Dhuklikhel mountain east of the city center has the most beautiful viewpoints. A great location to watch the sunrise or sunset, but you can also enjoy it here during the day.

Our favorite location was around the helipad (next to Dwarika's resort). Here you have a beautiful 360 degree view of the entire area. There is also an overhanging rock for the best photos. A similar rock is also present next to the Kali temple, but here you have to pay an entrance fee. The rock next to the helipad is quiet, just as beautiful and free to access.

Enjoy the sunrise and the view over the Himalaya:

Uphill you have a great view over the valley and this is the ideal location to enjoy the sunrise. We were lucky enough to stay at the Tashidelek Guest Lodge & House where we could take in all the beauty from our room. Anyway, the panoramic views here are beautiful, so we recommend that you find a nice place to take it all in.

Visit the Kali Temple and Golden Buddha:

On the mountain is the Kali temple and slightly lower the Golden Buddha. Many travelers have often already seen enough temples, and these are not necessarily the most beautiful, but it is still a good opportunity to visit the mountain. If only for the views and to escape the bustle of the city.

Currently in October 2022, the temple is being restored, but it can still be visited. Entrance is free, this also applies to the Golden Buddha. Take your shoes off before visiting. Slippers are available to rent for 10NPR. Both holy places are accessible from the city center via the 1000 steps stairs.

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