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Baluran National Park, the Africa of Java.

Updated: Aug 9, 2022

There is no lack of diversity in the baluran national park. Although most of it consists of African-feeling savannahs, there are also high rock cliffs with stunning sea views. Very special is the fact that this park can be explored on your own with a rented motorbike (around 60.000 IDR a day). This makes for a very relaxing day surrounded by nature in this 25 sq km preservation area.

you'll be amazed while exploring the wildlife. I have seen animals of great diversity such as the large Javan water buffalous called "Benteng, big groups of Macaque monkeys, muncak deers, Javan rusa deers, Java peafowls,and many other species. The Javan tigers lived in this park until the 1960's, but unfortunately became extinct in this park after that. However, according to the rangers, a leopard is occasionally spotted, so fingers crossed that you will see one. There also 444 species of plants recorded in the park, including some endangered plant species. So for the real nature lovers there is plenty to see, and it is very nice to retreat here for a day and relax.

The park is located in the far east of Java. About an hour north from Banyuwangi. Entrance fee is 165,000 IDR on a weekday and 240,000 IDR on weekends. These are the prices for foreigners. The best time to spot the animals is around sunrise and before sunset. During the heat of the day the animals are hidden, but this is a perfect time to relax on the beach. Most people go to the beach at the end of the path, but it is much better to take the left turn a few kilometers from the end. Here is a beautiful offroad path through vegetation and along rivers. Upon arrival you will be treated to beautiful views and a lovely deserted beach.

So if you want to escape the hustle and bustle of the city, a place to yourself without all the tourists like on the volcanoes, or just become one with nature, this is the place to explore.

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