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Do's and don'ts in South Korea

  • Accept and present things with both hands

  • Don’t pour your own drinks
    Always pour the glass first to the guest or other people at the table. Especially the youngest at the table is responsible for this

  • Wait to be assigned a table in a restaurant
    When you arrive at a restaurant, wait to be assigned a table. So don't just sit somewhere. 

  • Wait until elders start eating their food

  • Wait to blow your nose
    It's rude to blow your nose at the table. To do this, go to the toilet or outside.


  • Don’t put your feet up on furniture

  • Watch out for the number four
    The number four is unlucky in Korea because it sounds similar to the word for “death”. You may notice many buildings don’t have a fourth floor, or it will be labeled “F”.It’s also considered unlucky to give gifts in fours.


  • Have respect for the older people.

  • Follow the rules in South Korea
    Everyone follows the rules very well. You will hardly ever see someone running through a red light quickly.


  • Don't look someone in the eye for too long
    This can sometimes feel like you want to challenge with someone


  • Never Sit in Priority Seats

  • Don’t write names in red!
    Writing a person’s name in red ink means that he or she is deceased, and if he or she is still alive, it means that the person who wrote your name wishes that you were dead.

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